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You are invited to contribute to the updating of the articles. You can do so either by editing one of the articles or by participating in the discussion.

To do so, we ask that you register. We ask only basic information: name (you can include your title and institution/employer) and email address. This is necessary to eliminate robots, but more importantly, to be able to compile contributions and eventually recognize all of them. Rest assured that none of that personal information will ever be used without your permission. Your email address may be used by the organizers to ask additional information, for instance about your experience with the wiki, your opinion about the experiment, etc.

  1. Editing articles
    • Click on the title
    • Click on the “Edit” tab
    • Add, delete, modify the portion of text you wish to modify
    • Based on your opinion, check (or not) the “This is a minor edit” box
    • Click on “Save changes” at the bottom of the page
  2. Participating in the discussion. Either on the main page, or on one of the articles.
    • Click on the “Discussion” tab
    • Either answer an existing comment, or begin a thread of your own.
  3. Asking a question or sending a comment directly to the organizers:


Thank you for your participation.